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This new page is to invite questions from dancers considering competition dancing. Submit your questions through the form below and we will seek an answer for you.  Note that we require your details for authentication purposes only and will not be published.

There is a comprehensive Rule Book for National Competitions

But that doesn't always provide the answers you want so fire them through, and be assured, you won't be the only one wondering!

We also welcome comments from experienced competitors past and present. The more input we get the better! We are here to help!

How often do I need to practice to compete?

There are as many answers to this as there are competitors! We have asked some past competitors, and have come up with a some suggestions around this.
As a minimum, if you have a coach then a session a week with your coach is probably sensible, then perhaps an hour or two on your own cementing the suggestions from your coach. Note that when building your routines, sessions will be longer and as you approach the competition they will probably be shorter and more intense.

A word of wisdom from a past competitor - if things just aren't working for you at a training session - leave it! Come to the next session refreshed and eureka - everything works!

From another competitor - start early, really learning and creating moves and routines all year.  Once routines are pretty much set, fine tuning and polishing starts as the competition gets nearer. 

I'm a bit worried that competing will take away my enjoyment of dancing.

Stop worrying - if anything it will enhance your enjoyment. As you challenge yourself your skill and confidence will grow.  Keep up the social side of dancing too - just get out and dance at hops and club nights, have fun.

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