Hall Use

Hei Hei Community Hall, Wycola Avenue

Junior Club  Wednesday  6 - 7 pm  Lessons 7 - 8 pm    

Open Club Use

Wednesdays 8 - 9 pm

Tuesdays 6 - 8 pm 

Fridays 6 - 8 p,

Sundays 2- 6 pm

Notes for users:

Leading up to Juniors 2017

Sunday 2-4, couples, 4-5 triples, 5-6 teams Tuesdays general training,  Wednesdays Junior club 6-7pm, senior lessons 7-8, general training 8-9pm Fridays 6-7 junior novelty, 7-8pm junior teams

Those training will still need to pay $1 per person per session

A key holder will open the hall and turn off the alarm

The alarm must always be set on departure from the hall

And absolutely NO PARKING in front of the hall to allow access to emergency vehicles